We are moving...

(Some words from Alila)


Things are changing here and Elysium is closing down. We are, however, staying in McGregor and are taking over a very special place called Millstone Pottery. It is the place I did my pottery apprenticeship and the very reason we ended up in McGregor.

Although we will no longer have the self catering cottage, much will stay the same and we will still be teaching workshops, making pottery, growing gardens and doing much of what we do already, just from Millstone rather than from Elysium, this is an incredible opportunity for us to grow and take over a studio space and property filled with so much potential and a very special history. 

A bit of background

Millstone was started, built and grown by Nina Shand and Paul de Jongh. It has been an incredible project spanning over 20 years. The work that went into turning Millstone into what it is today is quite extraordinary with much of it being done by Paul and Nina themselves.

Paul died in October 2020, leaving Nina and their two kids behind as well as his friends, family and the many many people who passed through Millstone over the years, as students,  patrons, friends and admirers. Nina has decided to leave McGregor, at least for now, to give herself some breathing room before deciding what form her future will take. It is unclear how the next steps will unfold but for now, and the foreseeable future Lyle and I will be taking over Millstone.

We will never be able to fill their shoes and it also doesn't make sense to try. We will do our best to make it our own while paying homage to those who came before, those who put so much creative energy in, it is felt when you walk through the door. So really this little blurb serves both to recognize that even as such a baby potter I would never be where I am today if it had not been for Paul's willingness to share his knowledge and passion and that this incredible opportunity is a privilege both in terms of access and the ability to take over something so established. And also to let you all know that things will be changing as far as our current offerings are concerned. Some new things to come and some old things to go and some things to stay the same...


So if you would like - watch this space... I will be sharing info on Instagram as we go with a bit more about how things will be changing for us, and when.
Paul was my mentor, teacher and friend, what he and Nina created at Millstone is hugely inspiring and really, their presence will forever be felt there, no matter how the future unfolds.​

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